Walker’s Wish

Most people, when they hear the word, “walker,” visualize the four-legged aluminum walking aid. I associate that word with the four-legged, 11-month-old Hound mix with the very same name, Walker.

Mr. Walker came to us almost 3 months ago in January. This guy’s a fighter. Even though he didn’t have use of either one of his back legs, he was still persistent he would walk on all fours again. He was living his life the best he could with the hand life had dealt him. That was until he came to HSNEGA where the extraordinary Doctor Feroli and her medical team worked their magic and did everything in their power to get him walking again.

Walker needed YOU and YOU answered the call to save his life!

With help from YOU, our wonderful supporters, the necessary funds were raised to pay for his operations! Our friends at Northeast Veterinary Hospital lent us a few paws and performed not one but TWO leg-saving surgery’s Walker was given the gift of mobility again. Something he probably hadn’t been able to do for a while. There’s no telling how he lost that ability, but that dosnt matter anymore because now he can.

Walker is living proof that you never give up even when life deals you a bad hand in the card game we call life. There’s always a better tomorrow and there’s always hope that things will get better. Things are looking up for my friend here at HSNEGA. He’s currently undergoing physical therapy every day to help build the strength in his legs so that he can be big and strong and finally get to run and play like every dog should!

The only thing holding him back now is one thing, Walker doesn’t have a family. You gave him the gift of mobility, you’ve given him an opportunity at a better life, now he just needs a home to live it in.

Will you be his fresh start? My friend, while he’s getting the BEST care here, would be much much much more comfortable in a new home with you of course. Walker is still healing and a quiet home would be a blessing in disguise for this good boy.

I believe in miracles, making wishes on the first shooting star I see and whispering my hopes into those white fuzzy flowers that start blooming in the spring. I’ll use every single one of those opportunities for Walker because he deserves it.

I’ve watched him flourish and go from a sad, lonely, lost, practically broken dog into a handsome, confident, loving fella who just needs one more chance. One more good thing, he just needs his happily ever after. He braved his way through the untold dangers in this world and found refuge at our shelter but he could really use a permanent place to call his own.

Could you provide that for him? If you think you can please come visit my friend at HSNEGA. As always I promise you won’t be disappointed, Walker is nothing short of a miracle. A dream is a wish your heart makes and mine if for Walker to finally get his happy ending. See you soon!

~Merissa Glass, HSNEGA

Meet Walker at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, 845 W. Ridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501, Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.