The Tale of Poe

The name Poe often conjures images of poetry, dark brooding figures, and tragic short stories. For HSNEGA Staff and Volunteers, it conjures a much more tragic story than any work of fiction. When HSNEGA team members hear the name Poe we think of a cat who faced death and who is still facing her greatest challenge yet- finding her FURever home.

Poe was in a rough state when she first arrived at HSNEGA.

Poe was one of 80 cats in an unfortunate hoarding situation. Crammed into a single home, living in unimaginable conditions and lacking socialization, these cats had never gotten the love or care they needed. The sickest of the cats who came to HSNEGA was Poe. A critically dehydrated 1-year-old cat, suffering from a blood parasite contracted from the unsanitary conditions in her previous home.

Despite being safe and in a caring environment, Poe began to rapidly decline. An emergency blood transfusion seemed like Poe’s only hope for survival. For 24 hours, her life hung in the balance.

Poe receiving her blood transfusion thanks to another HSNEGA rescue, Pookie.

Against all odds, Poe survived but her struggles were yet to be behind her. Other than her physical ailments, she had to face the uphill battle of the emotional trauma she had endured. Often hissing and cowering in her kennel, people would quickly pass her by her, unaware of how much she needed their love.

After nearly six months of being overlooked, one of HSNEGA’s fosters stepped up to help. She knew that inside of this survivor was a cat who had never known what love could be. It took weeks of coaxing and many MANY treats before Poe started trusting. Poe had been waiting for affection all along. She began to nuzzle for pets and while she still doesn’t like to be held, she showed how much love was truly in her nature.

Poe in foster, relaxed and happy.

“Initially, she was frantic and terrified.  Poe was literally climbing the walls while loudly vocalizing her displeasure.  Over time she settled into a routine.  Initially, I couldn’t touch her and she hissed and swatted at me if I got too close.  Gradually, through the magic of treats, we developed a bond.  She became a loving, head-butting, purring ball of fluff.  She had no fear of my dogs, in fact, was very interested in them.  She showed no hostility toward my resident cats.  Poe loves to be petted but does not enjoy being picked up and held.  She has come to really enjoy interacting with people. Poe would be a wonderful companion for someone who wants a calm, low-energy cat.” ~ Poe’s Foster

Now, knowing humans can be kind, Poe has returned to HSNEGA and is in search of her forever home. Even almost a year after being rescued, she still bears the weight of all she’s been through. She spends her days nervously watching whoever comes by her kennel hoping that someday soon she will be in a loving home. As her foster said, a lot of love lives inside of her and she just needs to find a special someone to share it with.

Here is a video that shows Poe’s dramatic transformation:

Meet Poe at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, 845 W. Ridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501, Tuesday-Sunday 12-6 pm.