Thanksgiving Pet Safety

In the chaos of Thanksgiving with all of the traveling, cooking and guests, often safety falls to the back of our minds. It can be hard to imagine a holiday so full of food and laughter can be dangerous. However, for our furry companions, the delightful foods we enjoy or items we leave out can be just that.

Thanksgiving Food Safety

It may be tempting to sneak Fido a bite of turkey or two…or three… but is it safe for him? Here is a simple infographic from The Animal Hospital of West Chester that breaks down the foods that are safe for your furry friend and which aren’t.

Tips For “Pet-Proofing” Your House

While you’re busy cooking the turkey and entertaining Cousin Larry, be sure you aren’t having to worry about what your dog or cat may be getting into. Here are some helpful tips from

  • ID Your Pets: With all of the guests coming and going, doors can get left open which can result in a lost pet. Make sure their ID tags are up to date and are microchipped.
  • Watch the Decorations: Some holiday plants and decorations can be hazardous to cats and dogs. Here is a list from of plants to keep away from pets.
  • Secure the Trash: One person’s trash is another pet’s treasure. Many of the items that end up in the trash, such as the bones from your turkey, are choking hazards for your dog. Not to mention the unwanted leftovers that end up in the trash covered in onions and other toxic foods.
  • Talk To Your Guests: Talk to your guests ahead of time and set specific ground rules to ensure your pet’s safety. Remind them to be mindful when coming and going. and if you know Cousin Larry is notorious for feeding Fido table scraps, make sure he studies the infographic above.

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