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Help Save a Life

HSNEGA took in 234 special cases last year!

A “special case” is a rescue or multiple rescues that need special attention whether it’s a medical emergency or behavioral issues from a hoarding situation, anything beyond the scope of our “normal” care and resources.

YOU are the ONLY reason we can help these very special animals.


Captain Hook


Captain Hook clinging onto the hand of an HSNEGA vet assistant.

While everyone was getting ready for a long holiday weekend, this tiny kitten didn’t know if she’d live to see another day as she clung onto the hand of an HSNEGA vet assistant…

We’ll never know what happened to this poor baby, but her injuries were so shocking and horrifying we decided to not publish any of the photos. Her right hind leg was mangled and crushed, the paw completely ripped off, and her wound was infested with maggots. X-rays by our friends at Animal Medical Care confirmed Hook’s leg was beyond repair and amputation is absolutely necessary.

It’s simply a miracle that Hook is still alive. It’s heartbreaking to think of the horrendous pain she was in before he arrived at our shelter. It’s even worse to imagine how she would have ended up if there had been nowhere for her to go.

Hook underwent her surgery to amputate her injured leg at HSNEGA and was up, moving around and eating well within a few short hours! With Captain Hook on track for a full recovery, she went into foster care for some TLC until she was ready to find her forever family. Captain Hook didn’t let life get in her way and loved playing with her foster family! She’s just as happy and playful as a kitten should be!!