Help Save a Life


As the year goes by and the seasons change, one thing stays constant…YOU!

HSNEGA took in 234 special cases last year thanks to YOU. A “special case” is a rescue or multiple rescues that need special attention whether it’s a medical emergency or behavioral issues from a hoarding situation, anything beyond the scope of our “normal” care and resources.

YOU are the ONLY reason we can help these very special animals. 


Season of Saves

Meet Walker, YOUR winter save.

Walker got his life back because of YOU.

We found him at animal control…Starved. Emaciated. And dragging his useless, broken limbs behind him.

He had been abused and betrayed beyond belief. But when he saw us, he blinked back at us through frightened eyes…and wagged his tail.

We knew that Walker had no hope of making it out of there with his life. He was a broken dog. But his heart was whole and full of love.

With your kindness to guide us, we knew we had to try and save Waler. And it’s amazing what your gifts of love can do…

Today, Walker walks, runs, jumps and plays, and it’s all thanks to you! There’s no doubt about it… you’re a lifesaver.

Captain Hook clinging onto the hand of an HSNEGA vet assistant.

Meet Captain Hook, YOUR spring save.

Captain Hook is a little miracle. A miracle sent by you…

Because when she arrived here, at just a few months old, she was barely clinging to life.

Her right leg was shattered. Her paw was completely torn off. Nothing could save her leg, but you saved her precious life.

Your generosity put Captain Hook through emergency amputation surgery and slowly she began to recover. Now she has a loving family all of her own.

Meet Dumpling (+9!), YOUR summer save.

Dumpling had a family once. But now, she and her nine puppies were on the cold concrete floor in a high-kill shelter in terrible danger…

That’s when HSNEGA received an urgent call from animal control. Unless a place could be found for Dumpling and her puppies, the would have to be put down.

When we receive calls like this, it’s only with your help we can say, ‘YES.’ You saved this beautiful family – Thank you!

Dumpling with grateful eyes as she makes herself at home in foster care.