UPDATE: Shadow has found his forever home!!!!


If you’ve ever seen Homeward Bound you know all dogs named Shadow are The Best Dogs.

This heterochromial boy is no different!

FST_0503 copy
Just look at those different colored eyes!

Shadow is a 3-year-old Terrier/American Staffordshire mix, meaning he’s an extrovert with a great big heart. He’s all about those belly scratches and is not above shaking (with both paws!) to claim them. He’s an excellent soccer player and enjoys kids over the age of about 6 (so they can play with him).

FST_0500 copy

He’s one of those boys that really needs to do his business outside, so don’t fear your home’s carpets. He could really use a fence so he can take himself on some walks when you’re busy.

Bottom line: Shadow is searching high and low for someone who will love him as extravagantly as he is prepared to love them. Maybe you’re That One!

FST_0496 copy

Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer


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