Shelter/Rescue Intakes

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is a selective admission facility, meaning we take in animals surrendered by owners as well as animals from other licensed shelters and rescue groups across northeast Georgia and the southeast.

Shelters and rescues wishing for HSNEGA to consider their adoptable animals for intake should call in advance to 770-532-6617 to ask about space and coordinate a time for evaluation. Please understand that HSNEGA cannot accept every animal immediately. We do not euthanize to control the number of animals at our facility, therefore, we will accept intakes from other shelters and rescue groups as space allows.

Intake of any animal into HSNEGA is based on the animal’s health, behavior, and adoptability. HSNEGA’s intake guidelines for shelter and rescue animals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All animals must be weaned, eating solid food, and at least 8 weeks old
  • Puppies should be at least 3 pounds; kittens should be at least 2 pounds
  • All canines 6+ months must undergo a heartworm test and may be declined due to a positive test
  • All felines must undergo a feline combo test and may be declined due to a positive test
  • All felines and canines must be free of any visible skin issues such as ringworm or mange
  • All felines and canines cannot exhibit any aggressive behaviors toward other animals or humans
  • All felines and canines cannot exhibit any signs of other illness such as coughing, nasal discharge, etc.

Once an evaluation is coordinated, please plan on spending at least 30 minutes at the shelter and allow additional time if bringing multiple animals. Please also bring any vetting paperwork/ records available for the animal(s) being considered for intake. Please note that HSNEGA makes no guarantee of being able to accept any animal, and animals which do not pass our evaluation process/ meet our intake guidelines may be declined for intake.

Because HSNEGA does not euthanize based on space or duration of stay, our intake guidelines ensure the animals in our care are as mentally and physically healthy as possible so that they can find a life-long home quickly. If you have any questions regarding our intake guidelines, please contact the shelter at 770-532-6617.