With a sparkling personality to match her name, Diamond Ivy was rescued by HSNEGA back in early May when she was only 6 weeks old. Her owner brought her in and said she’d been attacked by an adult cat and they could not afford to take her to a vet.

Our clinical team examined Diamond, and knew they could help, so we took her in. Her left eye was badly infected and surrounded by puncture wounds. Unsure if the eye could be saved, our team attempted to treat the eye with medications; however, the eye did not heal and seemed painful, so the decision was made to remove it.

The surgery was challenging because our Medical Director, Dr. Feroli, discovered the reason the eye had not healed was because it had ruptured, leaving a significant amount of scar tissue and eye fragments. The procedure was even more difficult due to Diamond’s petite size.

Luckily, Diamond was an otherwise young, healthy kitten so her recovery went well. Within a month, she was ready to be adopted and she found a pawesome home with a family who adores her! Watch the video above for an update on Diamond from her mom!

Because of you, our big-hearted supporters, Diamond received the critical medical care she needed and also all the time she needed to heal. This kitten would have been euthanized many places, but because of you, she was saved and had a second chance!

If you want to support Diamond and other rescues needing a second chance, please give at and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, by another generous donor!