The last Sham standing. That’s Carl.

Rescued in April along with 400+ other animals from a horrific abuse case in Habersham County, Carl is one of the 56 dogs saved by the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA).

Before his rescue, Carl “lived” in a crude outdoor pen, inches deep in mud and poop, along with three other dogs. One small cracked house for shelter. One water bowl coated in green film. Stale bread tossed on the filthy ground for food.

Like many of the pups rescued, Carl had several serious health concerns. First, his teeth were caked in tarter so thick it had to be cracked off like a shell. Clumps of hair were trapped within the tarter, and numerous rotting teeth needed removal.

Carl’s left eye also was cloudy due to a large ulcer on his cornea from months and months of neglect. A veterinary examination revealed Carl could not produce tears, leaving his eye dry, a condition resulting, in part, from overbreeding.

After landing at HSNEGA, Carl immediately began receiving the urgent care he desperately needed for his physical issues; however, being older, Carl had been without a kind touch for a long time and he shunned humans. Our team worked diligently to show Carl love and, eventually, he began to show some improvement.

In late May, Carl was adopted, but he was returned in September because his adopter was unable to deal with Carl’s issues. Unfortunately, Carl had regressed physically and emotionally, but our team made his care a priority so Carl could return to adoptions as soon as possible.

Last week, after 2.5 months, Carl finally was cleared to adopt, and we are crossing our paws this post will help him find his forever home!

Now, we’re not going to sugar coat it—Carl will need love and time. And care. His eye will always need meds. He is still wary of humans. But we feel—as we do with all our rescues—somewhere out there is Carl’s “person” with the right amount of patience and a big enough heart to help Carl have a good life for the remainder of his years.

We hope you know rescues like Carl’s—and the 400+ other animals saved in Habersham—wouldn’t happen without YOU! Thanks to your gifts and support, Carl had a second—and now third!—chance at a new life!

Please consider a gift to the Season of Saves challenge so you can ensure every “Carl” out there received the help they need. Give now at and remember all gifts up to $15,000 are being DOUBLED by a generous donor until December 31! Just click on the link and follow the simple steps to save the lives of rescues.

PS, Be sure to watch the video of Carl’s journey below!