From Saved to Santa: Dottie’s Journey

You may remember Dottie. She was one of the 350+ dogs rescued from horrific conditions in Habersham County earlier this year. But what you don’t know is Dottie’s full story.

6-year-old Dottie lived in a tiny, crudely constructed rabbit hutch with two other dogs, but she had no name. She also had no solid base under her feet, only wire to stand on, so waste could fall through. The water in her bowl was dark green, and the inside of her cage’s small enclosure caked with filth.








After her rescue, Dottie’s coat was so badly matted, she was shaved to the skin. Her teeth were caked with dark brown tartar that had to be cracked off like a shell, and, worst of all, she had two large tumors on her stomach from overbreeding and not being spayed.

Once at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA), the clinical team spayed Dottie, and found she had an advanced infection in her uterus, a fatal condition if not treated. Our team also removed her massive tumors in two separate surgeries. But through all her treatment, Dottie was the best patient, and everyone who met her fell in love including her foster mom who adopted Dottie.

Without YOU, Dottie would not have made it. She would not have a second chance. She would not have a loving home. YOU provided for her rescue and extensive medical care. YOU were the hero of her story.

Sadly, there are more “Dotties” that need your help. Your support is critical to ensure HSNEGA is always ready when there is a need. This season, please give as generously as possible so when we are called to help again, you can make sure we are there for every “Dottie” that needs rescue.