A Little Dog with a Big Surprise: Sassy’s Story

This is the story of Sassy, a 5-year-old Doxie mix surrendered to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia a few months ago. Sadly, her parents could no longer provide the care Sassy needed and had a new grandchild taking their attention.

After living in a home her entire life, Sassy did not do well with shelter life—she cowered in the corner of her kennel, shying away from everyone. The HSNEGA Admin team decided to give her some “out of kennel” time in their offices so she could relax in a quieter environment. Then, one afternoon, the team noticed Sassy started passing bloody urine.

The clinical team discovered Sassy was suffering from a serious urinary tract infection, but after a few days of not improving, she had an ultrasound. Dr. Feroli, HSNEGA’s Medical Director, found Sassy had a severely thickened bladder wall, and possibly bladder stones, so Sassy was sent for x-rays.









The x-rays showed Sassy had five to six massive stones that urgently needed to be removed. Dr. Feroli performed the surgery, removing five stones the size of large marbles; however, there’s a possibility Sassy still has a stone lodged inside her. Our team is continuing to monitor her closely.

It’s impossible to imagine the amount of pain Sassy was in, but this loving girl never let it stop her from giving kisses to everyone on our team. While her prognosis is still uncertain, your support means she can get all the care she needs and deserves. Today, please give as generously as possible so you can be a hero for Sassy!