Rufus and Freckles Road to Recovery










(Above, Freckles before & after)








(Above, Rufus, before & after)

Meet Freckles (left) and Rufus (right). This pair has a sordid past but a bright future ahead of them.

The two pups were rescued during a law enforcement raid in Polk County. They were intended to be used in a dog fighting operation that, in total, included more than 115 dogs. The dogs were tied up or caged randomly throughout a 900-square-foot rural home and the surrounding wooded area. In addition to the filthy conditions, most dogs also were not provided with any food and water.

Thankfully, these animals were rescued and are now on the road to recovery. As a result of their severe neglect, Freckles and Rufus were very malnourished and sick when HSNEGA first took them in.








Both dogs were severely underweight and tested positive for sarcoptic mange, a horrific skin condition that causes intensely itchy skin, total hair loss, and tender, festering sores. Because of their condition, Dr. Feroli, HSNEGA’s Medical Director, immediately placed the dogs on medically-supervised diet and prescribed medicinal baths every five days until every mite had been removed. Along with these other symptoms, Rufus’ nails were ingrown and Freckles had a terrible ear infection and severe tooth decay that required surgery. Both dogs have been treated and have since made leaps and bounds of progress from their traumatic pasts.










(Freckles, right. Rufus, Left)


Freckles is still in recovery from surgery but will be available for adoption soon, but Rufus is ready to find his forever home! Come meet him at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Tues-Sat 10 am-5 pm or Sun 12-5 pm.

PS, Since their rescue, justice has been served for the animals seized in this case. The alleged animal abusers are charged with 107 counts of being party to a crime of cruelty to animals, each of which is a felony, in and of itself.*

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