Roscoe’s Bucket List

Meet Roscoe. A rescue pup on a mission to complete his bucket list after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer. After his heartbreaking diagnosis last week, Roscoe’s family knew they needed to create a bucket list to make his last days full of fun and adventure. So far, Roscoe, out of the 20 items on his bucket list, has checked off eating his first McRib, becoming a police dog for a day and riding in a fire truck.

Being that Roscoe used to be a rescue himself, he wanted to include giving back to rescues as a part of his bucket list. Number 18 on his list, is to raise $250 for the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia rescues. Please help Roscoe complete his bucket list and make a gift in honor of Roscoe at, Tribute gifts can also be made in person at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia located at, 845 W. Ridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501.

Can you help Roscoe with any of the other items on his bucket list? Email Roscoe’s family at, with the items you’re interested in helping Roscoe complete!

🐾Roscoe’s Bucket List🐾

 1. Go to the beach
 2. Eat a McRib and large fry all by myself✔️
 3. Eat 100 hamburgers
 4. Take pictures with Santa
 5. Go visit a nursing home (if they let me)
 6. Be a Police Dog for a day ✔️
 7. Ride on a fire truck ✔️
 8. Go play on a farm
 9. Ride in a convertible with a hot chick
 10. Fly in an airplane
 11. Spend as much time with my hooman babies as I can
 12. Go tailgate with the Dawgs
 13. Photoshoot with my hoomans
 14. Have a see you later party when the time comes
 15. Take a boat ride
 16. Steak dinner picnic
 17. Make an ornament for my favorite hoomans
 18. Raise $250 for the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia
 19. Breakfast in bed
 20. Go to the mountains and play in the snow.


The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is located at 845 West Ridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30501 and can be reached at (770) 532-6617 or