Possum, a Tiny Kitten but a Big Save!

On a sweltering July day, three husky construction workers walked into the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) Adoption Center and asked for help. When one held out his hand, we saw the tiniest kitten, curled up in his palm, with big, frightened eyes. The kind-hearted construction workers told how they heard the kitten mewing but had a hard time finding him because he was so tiny, so our team decided to call the kitty Possum.

Our team immediately saw Possum was not in good shape, so he was rushed to surgery to be examined by Dr. Feroli, HSNEGA’s Medical Director. In addition to a half-missing tail, Dr. Feroli discovered Possum was extremely painful around his hip area and could not walk.

A volunteer immediately took Possum for x-rays which revealed a severely broken thigh bone which would require weeks of splints and therapy. After setting Possum’s break, the team then set about removing the most damaged parts of his tail and making sure he was as comfortable as possible so he could begin to heal.

Because his medical concerns were so severe, one of our clinical team offered to foster Possum. After weeks of recovery and therapy to help him learn to walk again, Possum was finally ready for his new home and he was adopted into a family with three children!

It’s only because of YOU that HSNEGA can be there for rescues like Possum who otherwise might not have a chance. Your gifts save their lives. It’s that simple. Today, please give so that you can continue to be a lifesaver for abandoned animals in need.