Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia!

Every day, volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience volunteer to improve the lives of animals at our facility and in our larger community. Each volunteer plays a vital role in the success of our shelter, which care for nearly 2,000 animals each year, and our outreach service endeavors. Please read below further to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

Due to the amount of training we require for most of our volunteer positions, we ask for a 6-month commitment for 4 hours per month. Volunteers can come in for a regularly scheduled recurring shift or as available. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer alone. Youth ages 8-17 must be accompanied by a parent for all volunteer sessions, with the exception of our Humane Hero’s Teen Volunteer program, in which they may volunteer by themselves. 

After completing your Volunteer Application you will receive an email to sign-up for a New Volunteer Orientation.

Animal Interaction:

  • Adoption Counselor 
  • Cat Socialization: AdvoCATS
  • Dog Socialization/Walking: WOOFGang
  • Small Dog/Puppy Time
  • Pet Therapy
  • Grooming/Bathing
  • Spay/Neuter Clinical Asst.
  • Foster Care

Other Opportunities:

  • Adoption Desk/Reception 
  • General Admin Asst.
  • Marketing/PR
  • Fundraising
  • Landscaping
  • Retail Shop
  • Humane Education
  • Special Events

Adoption Counselor

Our volunteer Adoption Counselor(s) are some of the hardest working team members at the HSNEGA! Volunteer Adoption Counselors help us place our adoption animals into permanent, loving, and responsible forever homes. A positive attitude and customer service experience is a must for this volunteer position. Duties not only include interacting with the public, answering phones, carefully reviewing adoption applications, showing animals to potential adopters and most importantly… being a positive representative for our organization and animals. This volunteer position requires extensive training and regularly scheduled commitments- but the benefits of placing an adoption animal into their new forever home- priceless! If you are interested in the position, please READ FURTHER for our HSNEGA Adoption Counselor volunteer position or fill out our volunteer application now! 

Cat Socialization: AdvoCATS

Are you a feline “AdvoCAT” through-and-through? Then our volunteer AdvoCAT team is the purr-fect volunteer opportunity for you! Our HSNEGA adoption felines have specific care tasks and wants- but most of all, they need your tender TLC to make sure their temporary home is as comfortable as possible. Our AdvoCAT volunteers are the backbone of our HSNEGA cat adoption program, which includes cleaning, handling our adoption felines, creating enrichment activities, and assisting the staff with daily Animal Care tasks. AdvoCAT volunteer positions require a regular scheduled volunteer shift and will include additional animal handling/cleaning protocol training. If you are interested in the position, please READ FURTHER for our HSNEGA AdvoCAT volunteer position or fill out our volunteer application now! 

Dog Socialization/Walking: WOOFGang

Feeling blue? Need a life? Then take an appreciative HSNEGA Adoption canine for a walk and become a LIFE SAVER for a canine in need. Our WOOFGang volunteers are a dedicated crew of dog walkers who make sure our temporary canine residents receive the exercise, love, and enrichment needed to ensure their happiness and comfort. WOOFGang volunteers are needed seven days a week for morning play dates and afternoon leash walks (with a bit of canine basic manners training sprinkled in). Basic safe animal handling/cleaning protocol training is needed for this volunteer position; however, we can guaranteed payment in the form of adoring eyes, wet kisses, and tail wags to boot. It doesn’t take long to become the apple of an adoptable dog’s eye—just a leash, tennis shoes, and your time! If you are interested in the position, please fill out our volunteer application now!

Small Dog/Puppy Time 

Want to fill your day with puppy kisses? Then Puppy Time is for you. Here at HSNEGA SAFETY comes first! Some of our pups at HSNEGA cannot go outside for various reasons, to keep them safe from disease and illness. But this doesn’t mean they come out of their kennels to play! For this very reason, we have Small Dog/Puppy Time. Volunteers come in to play with the small dogs and pups indoors until the animal is fully vaccinated and able to join the other dogs outside. The pups love their one-on-one time with our Puppy Time volunteers and trust us, you’ll love it too. 

Pet Therapy

Are you looking for a volunteer service opportunity that focuses on the “human” in HUMANE? HSNEGA Pet Therapy volunteers take monthly visits to local nursing/healthcare facilities, and approved schools with carefully selected HSNEGA adoption animals. For many of our locations, our Pet Therapy visits are the highlight of their day. Especially in a health-centered environment, such as a nursing care facility, animal therapy is proven to increase the rate of recovery, lower blood pressure, and just bring a sense of calm to patients and staff alike! Why not be a part of this magical volunteer opportunity and help us show our community how special our HSNEGA Adoption Animals truly are! Although Pet Therapy volunteer visits are flexible, we do ask all Pet Therapy volunteers adhere to their chosen schedule or make independent arrangements with their visitation facility in advance. Please note: Due to the private nature of working with individuals at our Pet Therapy locations, all potential Pet Therapy volunteers are interviewed and background screened before any additional training. If you are interested in the position, please READ FURTHER for our HSNEGA Pet Therapy volunteer position or fill out our volunteer application now!

Spay & Neuter Clinical Assistant

Make a direct impact on pet overpopulation by assisting with our Spay & Neuter/Wellness Clinic efforts! Spay & Neuter Volunteer Assistants work with our surgical team to ensure both the human and pet components are happy, safe, and comfortable. Volunteers are needed Monday-Thursday to book Spay & Neuter appointments and assist with surgical paperwork. If you enjoy projects which involve an eye for the fine details and are a task-driven person, join our amazing Spay & Neuter team and help US make a difference for the pets in our community! If you are interested in the position, please READ FURTHER for our HSNEGA Spay & Neuter Assistant volunteer position or fill out our volunteer application now! 


Volunteer as a HSNEGA Foster Home parent for puppies, kittens, dogs, or cats in your home! Our HSNEGA foster animals may be too young for adoption, may be recovering from an illness or minor injury, or may need a temporary break from stressful shelter life. Whatever the case, Foster Homes provide the necessary care to animals in need and allowing more animals to go into permanent adoptive homes. This position requires bi-annual home inspections and our Foster Homes work closely with the HSNEGA Animal Care team. Foster animals may require frequent visits to the shelter or other veterinary clinics for regular check-ups until the animal is ready for adoption. Foster Home commitments range from 2-7 weeks at a time. All HSNEGA volunteer Foster Homes require all personal pets to be current on vaccinations and sterilized. Please visit the HSNEGA Foster Home volunteer page to learn more about this rewarding and compassionate volunteer position. 

General Administrative Assistant

Volunteer Office Hoppers are our “behind the scenes” busy bees! Officer Hopper volunteers help our Administrative and Animal Care staff run smoothly by answering phone calls, assisting with mailings, or filing or office duties as needed. Volunteers also assist our Adoption staff by checking animal profiles, HSNEGA website, stock adoption supplies, and so much more! This is the perfect opportunity for someone looking for smaller, fulfilling projects and tasks which help make our HSNEGA world go round! If you are interested in the position, please READ FURTHER for our HSNEGA Office Hopper volunteer position or fill out our volunteer application now! 

Humane Education Volunteer

Are you looking for a fun and engaging volunteer opportunity which allows you to work directly with the public? Our Outreach & Education volunteer position might be the right fit for you! Outreach & Education volunteers act as our “front line” representatives at festivals, fairs, tours, Birthday Parties, youth story times, boy/girl scout nights and other exciting activities that may arise.  Outreach & Education volunteers must be comfortable working with the public, be familiar with our HSNEGA policies, and have an enthusiasm for our facility that just cannot be contained! This is a position for someone who enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, interacting and having fun.  Specialized training is required for this position due to the extensive nature of information needed to staff events. Volunteers will need to know in-depth about HSNEGA operations in order to effectively answer questions, and assist with education programs. Outreach & Education volunteers have the unique opportunity of spreading our facility’s message of compassion and animal care directly to the public. If you are interested in the position, please READ FURTHER for our HSNEGA Outreach & Education volunteer position or fill out our volunteer application now! 

Special Events

Calling all big thinkers- we have some little creatures in our temporary care that could certainly use your help! Our Special Event volunteers are creative, fast-paced thinkers who love a challenge and love our shelter. Special Event volunteers assist with the planning and production of special/fundraising events throughout the year. Volunteers with a background in management or event planning are needed to help us raise the funds to support our operations and services available at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. Special Event volunteers might assist us with procuring silent auction items, sponsorships, day-of event staffing, and – of course- representing our shelter in a positive way. We love our Special Event volunteers and we will guarantee YOU will love working with us! If you are interested in the position, please READ FURTHER for our HSNEGA Special Events volunteer position or fill out our volunteer application now!