My Funny Valentine

“Everybody wants to be a cat because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.” Infamous words once sang by the greatest Ally Cats to ever exist in cartoon history: Thomas ‘Omally from the Aristocats. He clearly was singing about the smoothest, hippest, wildest cat I know.

Who, you ask? Valentine. Now I know you’re wondering why I’m writing about a cat and not a dog as I usually do. I’ll tell you why, because this feline is just so fine I don’t want to keep him to myself any longer!

This 1-year-old shorthair mix, who has a very handsome brown-grey coat with some zany black stripes is by far the coolest cat around. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a dog, so it’s only fitting he get a chance to shine. Oh my funny Valentine, this boy will keep you on your toes!

He L O V E S to play! Playtime is his favorite and in fact, to start our day I give him an hour out every morning when I come in. I watch him run around the adoption room, I throw balls for him to catch and sometimes he does silly things like bring me a clean wash rag, proudly dropping it at my feet as if he caught it himself fresh from the laundry room. I’ve also been gifted pens, my own snacks, and a cleaning sponge. If that’s not the sweetest thing I don’t know what is. When a cat brings you something it means they love you.

There’s never a dull moment with him. Never a time where he’s not exploring something new! But that’s what I love about him,he’s just so driven and determined to get the best out of every play session.

Now, that being said, he’s not the kinda cat you can pick up and hold. He’s not into snuggles. Being pet is on his own terms. So if you’re looking for a cat that’s not going to demand snuggles or a sit in your lap, Valentine is your boy. He’s an independent cat and that’s what makes him so unique.

He would love a home with tons of places for him to climb and explore, and lots and lots of toys to play with. He loves crinkle balls, laser pointers, toy mice, catnip and wands with little bobbles at the end that he can pounce on from great heights and successfully tackle.

Valentine has such a pep in his step he could out bounce Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. I don’t know where he gets this energy from but I envy it. This handsome hunk has been burning energy with us since February, and I think it’s about time someone comes in and takes him home.

While he’s not the most conventional cat, he’s got his quirks and his odd habits but that’s what made me write about him. That’s what will make someone take him home and give him the best life he deserves so he can have more than just an hour out every day and the extra time I can squeeze inbetween.

Om nom nom.

I’ll even show you what he does for a Purina Purely Fancy Feast Filet. That’s his favorite treat and you’d be surprised what he’s willing to do for one. If Valentine could have one thing for the rest of his life, it would be those treats. He knows where they are in the Cat Adoption room and he always asks me for one.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind boy, he’s here at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. Don’t make my favorite fuzz ball wait any longer! He’s super excited to meet you and become part of your FURever family. I fully believe in the phrase, “people don’t pick their cats, cats pick their people,” and if I know Valentine, I know he’ll pick only the best family for himself. That family could be you! Come on down, you won’t regret it!

~Merissa Glass, HSNEGA

The Humane Society of Northeas Georgia’s Adoption Center is open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5. You can also visit to see all of HSNEGA’s adoptable rescues.