Life Saving STATS

HSNEGA is a selective admission facility, meaning we take in healthy animals from owners and other shelters and rescue groups as space allows. We do not euthanize based on the duration of stay or space. Instead, animals stay with us until they find a new forever home. We do rarely euthanize for medical (physical or mental) conditions, but only when it is the humane choice for the animal.

Our life-saving percentage for our last fiscal year was 98.7%. This percentage was calculated by determining the number of rescues that died or were humanely euthanized while under our care in relation to the total number of live intakes (rescues) at our facility. See more of HSNEGA’s Life Saving Statistics below.

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is proud to join the following organizations in our life-saving efforts: Million Cat Challenge, Best Friends Network Partners, and Shelter Animals Count National Database.