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Adoption Angel Lock-In
Adoption Angel Lock-In 2019

Luna was so excited someone was there to play fetch with her.

My experience at the Adoption Angel’s Lock-In was definitely eye-opening. For those who weren’t here, everyone that participated got locked-in a kennel with an adoptable dog until they raised their “bail” to get them out. At first, you think surely this experience couldn’t be too terrible, but as the hours go on, you start to understand more and more the pains of a rescue in a shelter. You start to see how lonely the rescues can get and how much they deserve a good home.

In the morning the rescues are so excited to see you. Luna, the rescue I was locked up, with immediately dropped a ball at my feet wanting to play fetch. As the hours went on and things settled down, the rescues started to relax, some even took a nap. As I sat in my lawn chair, Luna, who is a relatively big dog, decided she wanted to curl up in my lap. All is calm and quiet until the door opens setting off a chain reaction of barks. Some of the more timid rescues are visibly frightened by the noise and run and curl up next to their penmate for comfort while others cower in a corner.

Adoption Angel Lock-In 2019

After things settled down all Luna wanted to do was snuggle in my lap.

During the Lock-In you become fully aware of the ambiance of the rescue’s kennel. Their bed is a little raised platform and a blanket. The whole time you’re there, you just want to get them a big snuggly bed because we all know the right bed makes a world of a difference! You definitely learn how isolating it is for the rescues and how they just want more than anything to find a home. All the of rescues have such personalities and its really eye-opening to humanize them a little more. The more we try to empathize with animals, the better chance they have of finding homes!

Events like these are so important because they give us a chance to reflect on why we do what we do. We care about these rescues so much and want to help as many as we can. All the penmates deserve a special thank you for helping raise awareness for all the rescues who don’t have a voice!

~Mackenzie DeThomas, HSNEGA Intern

Donations to the 2019 Adoption Angel Lock-In can be made through August 31, 2019 and can be done at or in person at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, Tuesday-Sunday 12-6 pm.