HSNEGA’s Longest Tenured Bachelors & Bachelorettes

HSNEGA has a few longer tenured rescues that have been waiting a very long time to find their forever homes! Dogs like Tessa, Red, Stitch and Beau are special dogs looking for a special family to love. Check out these bachelor and bachelorette profiles below and find your perfect match!

Age: 3 years old
Weight: 52 lbs (but who’s counting?)
Looking for love since: June 2017
Breed: Spunky Siberian Husky/Retriever mix
Hobbies: Chasing squirrels, fetching tennis balls, rolling over for belly rubs
Dislikes: Not enough love & too few kisses
“Tessa is a snuggler, player, and is intelligent. Lots of energy and loves to herd. That is her instinct. She will sit on command and is loving the more you are with her. She equally loves playing with other dogs and enjoying their company!”
**Tessa has a $0 Adoption Fee!

Age: 5 years old
Weight: 64 lbs (He’s a perfect gym partner)
Looking for love since: July 2017
Breed: Beaming Boxer mix
Hobbies: Chewing on doggy ropes, giving big hugs
Dislikes: Performing tricks without a treat in return
“Red is so smart, playful house trained, crate trained, and very intelligent. He can sit, shake and is down right adorable! He can even crawl for food. Very treat motivated! He gets along with other dogs! He won a blue ribbon for cutest dog at Veteran’s Event. He is social!”
**Red has a $0 Adoption Fee!

Age: 9 months old
Weight: 48 lbs (Lean playing machine!)
Looking for love since: October 2017
Breed: Silly Siberian Husky mix
Hobbies: Playing with his furry friends, chewing on squeaky toys
Dislikes: Not getting enough playtime
“Stitch loves to make squeaky toys squeak. The couple of times I’ve played with him, he would stand in place biting one over and over just to listen to it squeak for a few minutes.”
**Stitch has a $100 Adoption Fee!

Age: 4 years old
Weight: 79 lbs (Just more to love!)
Looking for love since: August 2017
Breed: Lovable Labrador/Retriever mix
Hobbies: Running around outside, giving unsolicited kisses
Dislikes: Other dogs (attention hog!) and too few treats
“Happy, loves ALL PEOPLE, and great with kids! He is cuddly, will sit, and will chill out with his people! He is spectacular. All volunteers love this big, chubby sweetheart!”
**Beau has a $50 Adoption Fee!

You can meet all of these bachelors and bachelorettes at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, open Tues-Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5.