Helping the Community, One Litter at a Time

Charlotte the dog was a natural-born mother. Her three litters proved that! She continued popping out pup after pup – the cutest, sweetest little dogs you ever did see.

Bertram (L) from Charlotte’s first litter, and Jasmine (R) from Charlotte’s second. **Both available for adoption at HSNEGA!

Those dogs started making their way to HSNEGA. Charlotte’s owners could no longer care for all of the cute pups. Litter by litter, they arrived and were spayed and neutered. They await their forever homes, hoping to find a family to love and be loyal to.

Charlotte’s newest bundles of joy, shown above, have been brought to HSNEGA as well. They are growing rapidly and love being snuggled and kissed. They, too, shall soon be available for adoption! (See photos below)

Charlotte’s family was able to have her spayed, so she can continue to live a long, happy life by their side. All of her children will soon find a loving family as well, and will not have to worry about childbearing or being dog fathers.

HSNEGA strives to continue to help with the issue of overpopulation of dogs. A lot of puppies and their mothers end up homeless, living on the side of the road where they can be hurt or killed in a split second by wild animals, cars, the harsh elements or even starvation. Our No More Litters program helps significantly decrease the number of strays living in Northeast Georgia. Mother dogs can have a second chance at life, along with their puppies.

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