On Thursday, April 13, the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) was contacted by the Habersham County Animal Shelter and Control. Habersham officers had been called out for a routine barking call, but found something they were not expecting—hundreds of dogs and other animals living in “deplorable” conditions.

The HSNEGA team wasted no time in coming to the aid of our animal welfare friends in Habersham, and within hours, seven of our staff were onsite at the property helping other rescue groups gather the animals and get them to safety. The groups worked for two days to relocate the animals to a temporary shelter and assess their medical condition. Once all the animals were at the temporary shelter, their care continued as they were all groomed and evaluated by volunteer veterinarians.

On Wednesday, April 19, HSNEGA took in 52 dogs/pups from the case, and started them on their path the a new life of love. We could not do this kind of LIFE-SAVING work without YOU! If you would like to help provide for their continued care, please click below.


NOTE: These rescues are NOT available for adoption. Check the HSNEGA Facebook Page HERE and Adoptable Pets page HERE!