Groovin’ Ruben


This is Ruben.

DSC_7773 copy
happy doggo

In any other life, this doggo would’ve been a Drill Sergeant, for sure! Energetic, athletic, and playful, he’s looking for an athlete to keep pace with for the rest of his days. Ruben follows commands well, and is the perfect running companion who’s sure to never turn down a chance to go the distance with a buddy. His favorite post-workout activities include Netflix, treats, and lounging around the house.

He’s a goofy boy that will give you the biggest smile, cover you in sloppy kisses, and snuggle you hard. Ruben’s one of the sweetest dog you’ll meet. Well, except when around other dogs. He just has zero chill around other dogs. He’s an attention hog and needs to be adopted by a one-pet person or family.

As a 3 1/2 year old bully/terrier mix, he’s certain to be the most fun addition to you, your older kids, and your fenced-in yard (who knew a pupper could be an expert climber?!), and will be sure to give you all the love you need while keeping you on those toes. Drop and give him ten reps now!

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counting cadence in nose licks
Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer

HSNEGA’s Adoption Center is open Tues-Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-5.