Furry Friends Forever

Some friendships may come and go but when you can go months without seeing each other then you’re reunited and it’s like nothing happened? That is a true friend until the end. At the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA), there are no two truer friends than Casper, the 1-year-old Terrier/Argentine Dogo mix and Demi, the 2-year-old Argentine Dogo mix.

Casper had been adopted in February, leaving behind Demi, one of his closest friends at HSNEGA. Due to unforeseen circumstances Casper ended up back at HSNEGA. While it no doubt makes them both sad Casper has returned to HSNEGA, we are happy that they have one another. Judging by the way these two play, it’s almost like no time had passed since their first run together at HSNEGA. Their bond runs deeper than being transferred to HSNEGA. Both started out here from the same place, Dekalb County Animal Shelter, each carrying with them horrible stories of survival.

Demi kept a smile on her face.

Demi came to us from Dekalb just two weeks before Casper. When she was found as a stray by Dekalb back in November of 2018. She had open sores on her body/head, a horrific case of mange and emaciated beyond belief. Lethargic and depressed, she was transferred over to HSNEGA. Our team began began to work with her but she remained cautious of humans and other animals. Little did she know that she would meet another dog in less than a month that would change her outlook on life.

Casper in the meantime had been abandoned outside of Dekalb County Animal Shelter right at the start of the holiday season. A volunteer there witnessed as his previous owner speed away, leaving him tied to their sign, crying and terrified. After they managed to calm him down, he still was having trouble adjusting so HSNEGA decided to take him in. Overtime he began to show more of his energetic and playful personality but both Demi and he struggled to overcome their shyness in playgroups with other rescues.

Until they met each other.

Casper kept his winning personality.

The two instantly connected, whether it was due to the breed similarity or the like-mindedness of their life experiences- they bonded. Over time, the two began to become frequent playgroup buddies and to slowly allow new members into their group. Now Demi is considered one of HSNEGA’s Playgroup All-Stars, playing well with almost any dog. For Casper, while he can still be selective, he is always happy to see Demi and is no longer shy in groups without her.

These two helped one another grow and become better, happier versions of themselves. Working together to heal both physically and mentally from everything they had endured. Now, despite that they both are still looking for forever homes, they at least have each other. When the time comes and these two are adopted we are sure they will always carry with them the life lessons they have learned from one another. They will no doubt bring with them the love and affection of a best friend that can never be broken or taken-away.

Will you help them both find a forever friend in you?

Meet Casper and Demi at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, 845 W. Ridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501, Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.

Photos in this blog were taken by, Wentzek Photography,