Food Bowl Fund

The Food Bowl Fund is a designated fund established to help cover the costs of the food expenses for the rescued animals in the care of HSNEGA. Specifically, this fund provides assistance to help pay for the purchase of high-quality, nutritious food from Purina as a part of the Purina Shelter Champions program. The monies donated also will be used to cover any special food/supplements including prescription food from Purina as needed. 


The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia exclusively feeds Purina One dry kiblble to our rescued animals awaiting adoption. Our current Purina One picks are:

  • Purina ONE® SMARTBLEND® Healthy Puppy Formula Premium Dog Food 
  • Purina One® SmartBlend® Healthy Kitten Formula
  • Purina ONE® SmartBlend® Chicken & Turkey Flavor for Cats
  • Purina One® SmartBlend® Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Premium Dog Food

Please note: HSNEGA is unable to use expired food, food without labels, or food that is open or not in the original packaging.


HSNEGA is deeply grateful to our friends at Wash Yer Duds in Gainesville for their signature donation to the Food Bowl Fund. The Wash Yer Duds team contributed $5,000 to kick-off the fund so that we could ensure the adoptable animals in our care receive not only a second chance, but their best chance by being able to feed them Purina One while they are in our care. We are so appreciative of Wash Yer Duds for their continued support of the at-need animals in our community!