Cheerful Cherry

UPDATE: Cherry has found her forever family!

Cherry is usually a type of sweet fruit often enjoyed during hot summer days, it’s also a flavor of some of our favorite drinks and candies. In HSNEGA’s case, Cherry is actually a 2-year-old Retriever/Lab mix who, like the fruit she is named for, is nothing short of sweet.

Cherry’s puppies!

Cherry is a beautiful brown eyed girl, average medium/large size, with a soft silky caramel colored coat. She’s a very wonderful girl who was rescued by good samaritans out of the cold in December. Evelyn’s Place helped out and offered a warm, safe place for Cherry and her puppies to sleep before they could be transported to HSNEGA. That’s right, “Cherry Mamas” as I like to call her, had a litter of babies who have long since been adopted. Now she’s just waiting on her turn to find her forever family.

The only reason it took this lovely pooch so long to be available for adoption is that she had heartworms. HAD, being the keyword! She beat them! With love and care from our excellent medical staff as well as the support of donors, Cherry overcame that obstacle. Now she is onto the next one of finding a forever home, and hopefully, with your help, she could overcome that too.

Look at that gorgeous face!

This girl is a delight to be with. The HSNEGA volunteers and team love her. They say she walks nicely on a leash and plays well in our playgroups! For this reason, we think she may fair well in a home with other dogs and would love to meet new friends.

While we’re not sure on her past, that’s history, I’m sure she’s in for a glorious future. I predict one of you amazing readers will come in and spend some time with her. If you do, you’ll realize she really is a fantastic dog who has a heart so big that there’s room in it for your whole family!

Make your life, and Cherry’s, a little sweeter by coming to meet our wonderful Cherry girl. Let her show you all of her amazing qualities that had our hearts just melting the first time we met her.

~Merissa Glass, HSNEGA

Meet any of the rescues in these pictures at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, 845 W. Ridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501, Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.
Professional photos in this blog were taken by, Crystal Alba Photography,