Bustin’ Out Buster

UPDATE: Buster has found his forever home!

Buster enjoying a warm spring day.

There’s only one thing that comes to mind when I hear the word Buster and that’s the 6-year-old bluetick coonhound that I’ve come to know and love in the two years I’ve worked for HSNEGA.

Poor buster started out in another shelter and came to us when his time was up. And since has been in and out of our shelter a few times now.

As much as we like them to come back and visit, our goal is always to get them into a FOREVER home. A place where they can hang their leash up at the end of a long day and know that they are safe, loved and wanted.

Buster is a sweet boy, who LOVES his people. He’s pretty good at hanging out on the couch getting ALL the pets and nose rubs he can squeeze out of you. If you pet his belly, it’s over, you’re stuck with him. You might as well grab a blanket and get comfy because you’re gonna be there for a while. That’s just the kind of dog buster is.

Buster loves to cuddle!

This handsome fella is all Hound! He may not fare well in a home with cats or smaller animals. Other dogs would most likely be okay. Buster is always up to meet new friends, but I think he would flourish in a home that was all his, where he could be your one and only.

He walks nicely on a leash and enjoys the finer things in life, like chasing squirrels and catching tennis balls. Really all he wants is your time and attention. He’s become quite the snuggle bug during his short return here at HSNEGA. You can find him hanging out in an office, preferably with a couch and someone to sit there and pet him. Our volunteers love him and have nothing but good things to say about him.

Every time an animal leaves our facility I give them a pep talk, kisses and their “freedom walk.” I leash them up, open those kennel doors one final time and then tell them it’s their “gotcha day” as we proudly parade down the hall. That they’re finally free.

Such a happy boy.

Poor Buster has had that pep talk three times now and as fun as it is, I want to make this last one count. I want his next home to be that real forever home. I don’t want to see that sad face come back again unless it’s to visit me and spill all the beans about his new home and the people who have made him part of their pack.

He’s a very good boy who would make someone very happy. He makes me happy, they all do. It’s my job to love them and let them go and sometimes that’s hard to do. But so long as dogs like Buster need me, need us, we’ll be here for them.

If you’d like to meet Buster and experience the love I’m talking about, feel free do come on down! We’d be happy to have you and Buster would be happy to share his couch with you!

~Merissa Glass, HSNEGA

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia’s Adoption Center is Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5. You can also visit our website to see all of HSNEGA’s adoptable rescues like Buster.