Beau’s Big Day


Beau is a star around HSNEGA. Volunteers and Staff love his sweet personality. Marilyn Rank, one of HSNEGA’s longest tenured volunteers, cannot get enough of him.

Beau is sensational! Because he is a generous-sized gent, he gets overlooked, but there is a gentle guy under that big body! Kids adore him, he adores them! He loves men and women and is completely house-trained. He is a couch potato, but likes to play with toys. He will walk by your side and be so content to have a human friend. He can “sit” and will take treats all day.

He plays a game called ”find” and seeks out the treats! He loves to lie down and bask in the sun. He is the meaning of a true companion. This boy is in play groups and with easy going, female dogs, he will play nicely. He is loved by everyone who knows him. He really would love a quieter environment. We can’t figure out why he hasn’t found a good home yet. A fence would be great. He would walk nicely with an easy leader harness. This is one special, special dog”









One of Beau’s all time favorite thing to do is playing in HSNEGA’s Bark Park with his “girlfriend” Moxie. Good ol’ Beau is a gentleman through and through and is always eager to escort Moxie back to her kennel after a long day of play.

Ever the deep thinker, in his free time, Beau loves to spend his day lounging, pondering the day away.

“Where do the treats go?” “AM I a good boy?”











Beau is a pup for all seasons! He’s content to frolic through a winter wonderland,roll around in the leaves, or get his tan on in the sunshine.

Beau also makes a great co-worker! He is no stranger to hard work and considers himself an expert kennel inspector. Here he is inspecting HSNEGA’s Animal Care Technician, Merrissa Glass’, handywork. (She got a paws up).

Come visit him and give him some well deserved bellyrubs at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Tues-Sat 10 am-5 pm or Sun 12-5 pm.