Bandit’s Grand Adventure

Bandit LOVES to play outside!!

Bandit a word often associated with someone doing naughty things like stealing, or taking something that does not belong to them. This bandit, however, is a very good boy, highest on Santa Paws list of good boys and girls. The only thing he might steal this winter is your heart (and maybe a bite of your sammich when you’re not looking).

This beautiful big boy is a 1-year-old Catahoula/Retriever mix who LOVES to play. In fact, he’s a playgroup rockstar. He’s enjoys playing ruff and rowdy (all puns intended) with his other large dog friends. He’s got manners and knows how to sit and this handsome fella also walks pretty well on a leash.

Because bandit is high up on the big man in red’s list, he’s one of our special 12 Days of Dogmas dogs. A very generous person wanted to help some of our longer term dogs find a home, so they sponsored a few of our more seasoned guests. This means he has an adoption fee of just $25.00!

Bandit has been with us for a little while now and it’s only because he can be a little intimidating inside his kennel. You would be too if you were cooped up for long hours each day. He’s really just trying to say hello, and please take me out so I can show you how good I really am.

My motto is, “never judge a dog by how they act in a kennel,” and Bandit is a very good example. While he’s loud and sometimes daunting inside those four walls, outside he’s the most affectionate loving boy. He loves to be petted and gives the BEST kisses. He really just wants to snuggle up to you and be your best friend.

If you were to come and visit him, you would see his true potential shine outside of the kennel he calls ‘home’. You would see all the best things I’ve mentioned in this blog. I see it every day when I come in. I see it when he goes out with our volunteers, who love him and just adore him. I see it when I get him out to spend some quality time with him and I see it when he gets lucky and someone asks to see him outside of that sometimes very stressful kennel environment.

Such a happy boy!

We see his potential and know deep in our hearts he can be the best dog for someone. He would love an active family with children and another dog, or even just an active person. He’d make a great running partner, I think he’d enjoy camping and hiking, maybe even a little swimming on the side. He’s an adventurous kind of boy.

Every year Santa Paws makes his list and checks it twice, he helps us find homes for our good boys and girls (That includes everyone! No one gets left behind!) and I know Bandit’s time is coming.

He’s waiting here for you, waiting to give you the, as I mentioned before, BEST kisses, all the snuggles you could ask for, and someone to go on a grand adventure with.

~Merissa Glass, HSNEGA

Meet Bandit at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.

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