Looking for the perfect gentleman to escort you to all the balls in the land?


Meet Allen. Beloved by all his handlers, this prince will greet you every morning with an enthusiastic bork, tail a’waggin’ and smile a’blazin’. He loves his daily walks but is sure to wait patiently for his leash and walks gently by your side. Unless there’s a squirrel. He’s not about to let those pesky squirrels run ragged! He’ll chase one down if it threatens his date; Cinderella is not about to be upstaged by a dang rodent.

This gentleman is no pipsqueak, too, and wears his size proudly. He’s a 2-year-old Mastiff/American Bulldog mix and has the manly voice to prove it. He’s mostly housetrained, though, and will almost certainly escort himself to the loo when needed. He is also a devoted Prince, and expects to be the only ruler in your kingdom- so no usurpers, please! (Unless, of course, they’re of the human variety and older than 10.)

Allen is the perfect blend of stately and goofy, and is looking for his forever family to continue working with him on manners, commands, and tricks while falling in love with the way he helps you run your kingdom.

Come and see if this Prince’s shoe fits you! Allen’s Adoption Fee is $0!!

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Contributed by A. Bruinsma, HSNEGA Social Media Volunteer

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