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Adoption Angel

Want to help an animal waiting for adoption at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia have a better chance to move quickly into a forever home? Then become an ADOPTION ANGEL!

Adoption Angels help cover a portion of the adoption fee for the rescued, homeless animals in our care, lowering the fee and, in turn, hopefully increasing their chance to be adopted. Adoption Angels can sponsor any animal they wish, however, HSNEGA respectfully suggests the following animals for sponsorship:

  • ADULT CATS & DOGS: Adult animals are the hardest to adopt and sometimes need a little extra help to find their new forever home, especially “senior” animals (age 7+).
  • LONG TENURED ANIMALS: Kennel life can be stressful for animals and the downside to a selective admission shelter is that animals often stay with us for many months before adoptions, and our “long-timers” would also benefit from extra help finding a life-long home.

The suggested donation to be an Adoption Angel is $50 which covers half of HSNEGA’s typical $100 adoption fee; however, any donation is welcome.

Questions? Contact Sam Threadgill at or 770-532-6617 for more information. Thank you in advance for being a LIFE-SAVING ANGEL!