Adoption Angel


Want to help an animal waiting for adoption at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia? Then become an ADOPTION ANGEL! Adoption Angels help cover a portion of the HSNEGA rescues care while they wait for their forever families. Adoption Angels can sponsor any animal they wish, however, HSNEGA respectfully suggests the following animals for sponsorship:

  • ADULT CATS & DOGS: Adult animals are the hardest to adopt and sometimes need a little extra help to find their new forever home, especially “senior” animals (age 7+).
  • LONG TENURED ANIMALS: Kennel life can be stressful for animals and the downside to a selective admission shelter is that animals often stay with us for many months before adoptions, and our “long-timers” would also benefit from extra help finding a life-long home.

    Questions? Contact Sam Threadgill at or 770-532-6617 for more information. Thank you in advance for being a LIFE-SAVING ANGEL!