These rescues need you!

Strummer Adoption Angel

Adoption Angel: Strummer

Strummer needs you now more than ever. Rescued from an overcrowded shelter, it is uncertain how long Strummer has been without a loving family. What we do know is he has been at HSNEGA for four months…
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Adoption Angel: Mollie

Mollie an Alabama native, moved all the way to HSNEGA 6 years ago from a Humane Society in Birmingham, AL.  Mollie is such a special girl, she brought someone to tears. This past August, during HSNEG…
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Adoption Angel: Poe

Poe was rescued from a hoarding case where more than 80 cats were pulled from the same home. Since arriving at HSNEGA, almost a year ago, Poe has struggled to maintain her health, even needing an emer…
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Help rescues waiting for adoption at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia have their best life while waiting for their new life… become an ADOPTION ANGEL!

By being an Adoption Angel, you ensure hundreds of rescues get the care they need and deserve. HSNEGA takes in 100s of animals each year. By becoming an Adoption Angel, you will not only change the life of the rescue you sponsor, but the lives of many others in desperate need.

Your gift will provide a warm, safe place to sleep; nourishing food and yummy treats; critical medical care; and a second chance at happiness for animals who have nowhere else to go.

When you become an Adoption Animal, you will receive regular updates on the impact you are making every day for animals in need as well as updates on your sponsored rescue.  

Questions? Contact Sam Threadgill at or 770-532-6617 for more information. Thank you in advance for being a LIFE-SAVING ANGEL!