Euthanasia Policy

Committed to being Live Savers for adoptable animals in northeast Georgia, the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia takes the decision to euthanize any animal very seriously.

Our commitment to the healthy and treatable animals in our care means we are willing to pursue all reasonable efforts in order to provide for their well-being.

Euthanasia is not considered for adoptable animals because of lack of space or duration of stay at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. Animals that are deemed to pose an unacceptable danger to other animals, themselves, or the public are candidates for euthanasia. Animals that are suffering mentally, emotionally, or physically also may be candidates for euthanasia.

The approval process for any euthanasia at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia incorporates the expert opinion and authorization of multiple trained, professional staff members, including a licensed Veterinarian, Animal Care management, and the Executive Director.

Adoption Policy

All HSNEGA staff members are trained to assure the highest level of customer service. Staff members focus on the best matchmaking process for the pet and their adopter. Our goal is to assist the best pet that fits their lifestyle, needs, and wants. Ultimately, it is the adopter who decides the right pet for their circumstances under the guidance of HSNEGA staff.

Adoption Partners Policy

HSNEGA seeks to work with other northeast Georgia area shelters and rescues to help further our life-saving mission. From intake of animals into our facility to coordinating spay/neuter programs/transport, the purpose of our policies is to ensure a successful working relationship between the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia and other animal welfare organizations.

All agencies interested in partnering with the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia can contact our Executive Director at 770-532-6617. 

Privacy Policy

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia has created our privacy policy to create open and honest business practices in all our interactions. The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia does not sell, rent, lend or exchange our mailing or contributor lists.

In addition, see disclosures of our information gathering and dissemination practices for the website located at the URL http://www.HSNEGA.org/.  

Payment/Refund Policy

HSNEGA accepts payment for services (Wellness Clinic, Spay/Neuter Center, Adoptions) via cash or credit/debit card; payment via check is only accepted for donations.

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is a non-profit organization. As such, refunds will generally not be given; however, Administration and the Board of Directors may consider refunds on a case-by-case basis. To request a refund, contact HSNEGA at 770-532-6617.