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HSNEGA’s 5 Weeks of Thank Yous: Donors

This week, Clyde (in photo) and his rescue friends wanted to take the time to thank YOU! Thank you for giving rescues a second chance. Thank you for giving them a voice. Thank you for giving them food…
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Day of Doc

Doc is a word that’s often used as an abbreviation for the word Doctor. Doctors are people who heal and help people. They tend to the sick and work hard to make them better. Our Doc may not have h…
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HSNEGA’s 5 Weeks Of Thank Yous: Adopters

More than 1000 rescues this year have found forever families because of adopters opening up their hearts and homes to homeless rescues. Each year hundreds of animals are left alone, abandoned, and s…
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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun community interactive holiday. Humans have fun dressing up and trick-or-treating but your pets may become spooked with altered appearances and the increased activity outside of your…
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The Magnificent Rowena

Rowena is Welsh, meaning “Famous Friend”. Famous indeed, our Rowena is the founder of Dogwarts house Ravenpaw where those with intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, and individuality…
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Ava’s Rescue Pals: Jeremy

Ava’s at it again! For those who don’t know, Ava Garrand is a dedicated HSNEGA Volunteer. She viewed a video over the summer of another young rescue volunteer on social media who gets resc…
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Magnificent Marcie

Meet Marcie, she’s a 2-year-old Cane Corso mix!  This lovable girl is always up for an adventure. She’d gladly go with you on car rides and to experience new things.  You see, Marcie is a specia…
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