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Something Magical Has Returned To HSNEGA!

Something magical has indeed returned to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA)! October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month and the HSNEGA rescues have returned to PAWgwarts. They’ve also be…
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Fred: Update On The Gentle Giant

Today’s blog is dedicated to a heartwarming update on Fred, the Gentle Giant with a Giant Heart. In March, Fred arrived at HSNEGA in bad shape. He had been dumped at a regional animal control by…
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A Perfect Day on the Pooch Pontoon

How would you describe the perfect day? For ten HSNEGA rescues they got to have their perfect doggy day out on the Pooch Pontoon yesterday. They spent the day not only getting to enjoy the nice weathe…
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pet prepardness

Hurricane Pet Prepardness

A few months ago we shared some of our top tips for preparing your pets for a natural disaster including tips on creating a pet first aid kit and being ready in case of a tornado. With hurricane seaso…
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blue-green algae and how it affects your pets

Blue-Green Algae

What You Need to Know About Blue-Green Algae Recently there have been reports of pets dying after days spent swimming in bodies of freshwater. In North Carolina, a lady lost all three of her dogs afte…
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Why should you ‘Check the Chip’?

Today is National Check the Chip Day! It is a day dedicated to reminding pet owners to microchip their pets and ensure that if their pet does have a microchip it is up to date. More often than not, mi…
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Cheerful Cherry

Cherry is usually a type of sweet fruit often enjoyed during hot summer days, it’s also a flavor of some of our favorite drinks and candies. In HSNEGA’s case, Cherry is actually a 2-year-old R…
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Summer Dog Safety

For dogs, summer often means trips to the beach, time in the pool and delicious dropped hot dogs. It can also mean if their owner isn’t careful- burnt paw pads, dehydration, heatstroke and even deat…
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