All Aboard the Pooch Pontoon!

All aboard the Pooch Pontoon!

The amazing Captain Candace Solyst and her crew Marilyn and Lori seized the beautiful spring day and gave Moxie and Grace, two of HSNEGA’s tenured rescues, first class tickets on the Pooch Pontoon!

Moxie is a natural born adventurer and was not shy boarding the boat. She was so comfortable that she deemed herself first mate! Grace was hesitant but quickly followed once she saw how easy and fun it was for the Pooch Pontoon crew and her travel buddy Moxie. With the wind in their fur, they set sail across Lake Lanier.   

All ashore that’s going ashore!

Not only did Moxie and Grace get first class tickets for a day on the Pooch Pontoon, they were also given their own private island for the day! Even though Moxie and Grace had run of the island, Moxie was naturally drawn to the water. Grace deemed herself a beach dweller and enjoyed the scenery from the shore and would’ve built sandcastles if she had opposable thumbs

Moxie and Grace couldn’t have asked for a better week having a chance to ride the Pooch Pontoon and finding her forever home a day later! Come visit Moxie and Grace’s shelter buddies at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Tues-Sat 10 am-5 pm or Sun 12-5 pm.