Adoption Angel: Mollie

Fabulous Mollie

Mollie an Alabama native, moved all the way to HSNEGA 6 years ago from a Humane Society in Birmingham, AL. 

Mollie is such a special girl, she brought someone to tears. This past August, during HSNEGA’s Adoption Angel Lock-In event, a participant broke down crying the minute they walked into HSNEGA’s Large Dod Adoption Room and saw her. 

The AALI participant was also a volunteer at the local animal control where Mollie had been dumped earlier this year. Mollie’s spirit could not go unnoticed. When he stopped seeing her there, he only expected the worst. Seeing Mollie smiling through her kennel door that late August day brought back all senses of hope. 

By becoming Mollie’s Adoption Angel you’ll help her get the care she needs until the day she finds a true forever home.