Adoption Angel: Melody

Melody’s eyes show all she has endured.

Melody came to us with severely cropped ears and elongated nails. Even with this physical neglect, Melody’s suffering ran much deeper. During her routine spay, a tumor larger than a tennis ball was discovered  and removed. When her x-rays and follow up tests were done to test for cancer yet another critical health issue was discovered: Heartworms.

Those same x-rays also showed one more alarming discovery, an enlarged liver. After performing an ultrasound on her abdomen, HSNEGA’s Medical Team found a small nodule on her liver, as well, which is being monitored to determine if it needs to be removed. The only good news this gentle pup has experienced is that her chest x-rays did not show any obvious signs of cancer in the lungs.

Now, Melody needs you as she starts her long and grueling heartworm treatment in a foster home. With your support, Melody has a chance at a healthy and happy life with the family she’s always deserved.