Adoption Angel: Poe

Poe settling into her foster home.

Poe was rescued from a hoarding case where more than 80 cats were pulled from the same home. Since arriving at HSNEGA, almost a year ago, Poe has struggled to maintain her health, even needing an emergency blood transfusion.

Because of Poe’s previous horrifying living conditions, she did not understand or trust interacting with humans. Poe often hides in her kennel, occasionally snipping or swatting at the person trying to get to know her. Not all animals are cuddly but you can tell Poe’s past haunts her only letting her trust a few.

A kind HSNEGA team member recognized her potential and fostered Poe. Little by little, Poe began to trust and settled into the comforts of her loving foster home.

Poe has come such a long way in the past year. She still isn’t much of a cuddler but has started to create her inner circle of those she trusts. Unfortunately, that means she goes unnoticed as potential adopters walk through the adoption center.

Until Poe’s PURRfect companion discovers her, she needs your help. Please become Poe’s Adoption Angel by donating to her care. Your gift ensures Poe will get the care she needs until she finds her forever home.