A Guide to Fall Food for your Pups

Fall is in the air and that means enjoying some of your favorite seasonal treats. While you’re sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte, it may be tempting to also give your pup a delightful pumpkin-themed snack. But are your favorite autumnal delights safe for your canine family members? Below lists the best ways for your pups to enjoy a few popular fall foods.

Can My Dog Eat…


Raw pumpkin is not good for your pup but canned pumpkin is fine. Canned pumpkin can even help with digestive upsets and provides a healthy amount of fiber! Purina recommends unseasoned canned pumpkin and avoiding canned pumpkin pie mixtures as they contain sugar and spices.

Sweet Potatoes? 

Yes! Sweet potatoes are a low-calorie snack rich in fiber, beta carotene and important vitamins. Be sure to cook your sweet potatoes before letting your pups enjoy them. As long as you keep out the sugars, marshmallows and other additives, sweet potatoes can be a great treat in moderation.


While Hazelnuts are not toxic to dogs, they can pose a risk for choking and are high in fat. So be cautious when feeding them to your furry friends!


Yes! Purina’s Senior Nutritionist Jan Dempsey actually recommends, “Rotating different foods that are good for dogs like apples, bananas, and carrots to help keep the flavors and textures new and special.” However, preparation is important. Seeds and stems MUST be removed and the apple should be cut into slices or chunks for easier consumption.

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