A favorite of staff and volunteers, Roscoe came to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) in September. And stayed. And stayed. But yesterday, Roscoe’s story came to an incredible conclusion you simply won’t believe!

Three months ago, our team rescued Roscoe from a “high-kill” shelter. Because he was a bully breed, Roscoe was more at risk, and he also was labeled “dog aggressive” which decreased his chance of being adopted even more.

But we saw something in Roscoe we liked and took a chance on him. Roscoe returned with us to HSNEGA and, within a few days, had won the hearts of pretty much everyone on our team.

But Roscoe didn’t get adopted. Behavioral testing revealed Roscoe would be best in a “one dog home,” but he was such a special boy that we all wondered why no one chose him.

To make matters worse, Roscoe was incredibly stressed in his kennel, and would try to escape by jumping out and paced relentlessly, rubbing his face against the metal gate and injuring himself on a few occasions.

Then, yesterday, a family showed up at HSNEGA and said Roscoe was their dog. When we brought Roscoe in the room to meet them, he ran right to the family, his tail wagging with joy! Turns out his name is Chico, and he was stolen from his family’s yard a year ago.

The family showed us photo after photo of Chico with their family, in particular, their daughter who adored him. The dad also had a Chico tattoo on his leg, and showed us the commands he had taught Chico. It was very clear then that Chico was their long-lost pup and he had simply been waiting for them to find him!

We hope you know that story’s like Chico’s wouldn’t happen without YOU! From his rescue to providing him a place to stay until he found his home, Chico’s life was saved—and changed!—through your gifts and support!

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