HSNEGA’s 5 Weeks Of Thank Yous: Adopters

More than 1000 rescues this year have found forever families because of adopters opening up their hearts and homes to homeless rescues. Each year hundreds of animals are left alone, abandoned, and scared. By adopting YOU give homeless rescues a warm place to sleep and the love they deserve. Rescues go from spending 23-24 hours a day in their kennels to having their own beds, their own toys, and their own humans to love.

“My daughter Emma and her bestie Harley. Harley girl loves us all but loves Emma a little harder!! We’re so thankful to have found her for our family.” -Harley’s new family.

Not only is having a pet beneficial for the rescue but has been shown to improve your wellbeing. Owning a pet can decrease stress. For the adopter, playing with or petting their pet can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol. For the rescue sometimes the adoption center can be a stressful place (even when we attempt to minimize this) and being in a loving home a rescue can breathe a sigh of relief. A lot of adopters report their rescue sleeps A LOT after taking them home because they can finally relax. Owning a pet can provide a sense of purpose and fill a void in your life. Adopting can also make you feel proud of helping an animal in need.

As previously mentioned there are many different health benefits mentally and emotionally that stem from owning a pet. There’s no better feeling than when you walk through your front door after a long day and your pet is right there to greet you because they’ve been awaiting your return since the moment you left.

There are so many different ways that adopting a rescue positively impacts you and the animal. It even stems larger, positively impacting the community. So, THANK YOU for choosing to adopt and giving a homeless animal unconditional love.

Blitz, formally known as Snowball, has really adjusted great (if you can’t tell by this picture! 😂). We’ve had him a little over a month now and he is still the sweetest cat. We got him a collar with a bowtie on it and it is by far the cutest thing ever. Thank you HSNEGA for allowing us to adopt this sweet, sweet baby. ~Brittney, HSNEGA Adopter

“Thank you for choosing to adopt. The home and love you provide are invaluable to our rescues.” ~Yesenia Cruz, HSNEGA Adoption Center Coordinator

Photos are courtesy of HSNEGA’s Adopters Group. Are you a HSNEGA Adopter? Please

Looking for a furry friend? Visit or stop by HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.