2018 Saves

Another year is well underway and work at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) shows no sign of slowing down! We took a look back at everything you made possible for animals in 2018 and were overwhelmed with gratitude for what you’ve done!

It would be impossible to list every single animal your support helped during 2018 as there have been so, so many ― from the countless dogs and cats who benefited from low-cost care to the hundreds that received vital medical treatment and a second chance thanks to you.

Below are just a few of the miracles you made possible last year. Your support illustrates perfectly the power everyone has to make a difference for animals that have no one else. Thank you for being part of our life-saving family!

7-year-old Blue was taken in by a county animal control facility after they were contacted by a witness who saw Blue’s owner holding him by the throat, choking and beating him until he emptied his bowels. Sadly, after years of abuse, Blue screamed and cowered in the back of his kennel anytime someone came near. No one could touch him. He also showed signs of severe neglect including tight, knotted mats hanging in from his coat.

Slowly, with lots of patience, Blue could be touched, but the stress was still too much for him, but because of you, we were able to rescue Blue. And within a few weeks, he blossomed into a playful, loving dog. That’s all it took. A little time. A little love. A little understanding.

Blue went from not knowing what love was to be showered with snuggles and belly rubs by his new mom and is able to share unforgettable moments with his new rescue sister.

When we first met Ceva, she was bloody, stunned, and covered in train grease. Earlier that day, Ceva was another lost, hungry, and scared dog wandering the streets alone. And then, Ceva was hit by a train. Reading that sentence can be hard to process. She was HIT BY A TRAIN.

Ceva ended up needing multiple surgeries including the amputation of one of her paws. Thanks to YOU, Ceva received the care she needed and the time to heal. A few days after she was cleared to be adopted, Ceva found her forever family where she is fitting in perfectly! According to her mom, she enjoys watching TV and never misses her morning nap!

“Our new adopted Miss Ceva is so sweet and loving. She’s very calm and follows me everywhere I go.” ~ Melissa, Ceva’s new mom

Princess Buttercup was spotted wandering around outside an HSNEGA team member’s office window. She had been dumped to fend for herself, VERY pregnant, and was infested with fleas.

Thanks to YOUR generous support, Princess Buttercup was paired with a foster family and she was able to have all SEVEN of her puppies in a loving home! Eight weeks later, her adorable babies all found homes of their own while Buttercup waited her turn.

A special person ended up taking interest in Princess Buttercup. The great niece of HSNEGA’s founder, Miss Bessie Bickers, saw Princess Buttercup on our Facebook page and it was love at first sight! She followed Princess Buttercup’s story until she was ready to be adopted and then was outside our door first thing the morning Buttercup was available. We’re thrilled to say Buttercup is definitely being treated like the royalty she is by her new mom!