Food Bowl Fund

A proud member of the Purina Shelter Champions Program, HSNEGA feeds Purina One so that our adoptable animals receive a balanced, healthy diet from day one of their rescue until they are adopted.

During their stay at HSNEGA, we want our rescues to be as happy and healthy as possible while they await their forever families. Spending 23 hours a day in a kennel can be distressing, so we to make their diets as great and as relaxing as possible!

As animals arrive at HSNEGA, many can be underweight and malnourished. Improved diets will improve not only our rescues’ quality of life, but also their overall a second chance at finding their loving, forever homes.

Be a LIFE SAVER by helping support the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia and ensure rescued, homeless animals acquire the nutrition they need to not only survive but thrive! Give them not only a second chance, but their best chance!