Meet Red! He’s a 5-year-old Boxer mix who has a strong love for people.

His favorite activities include chewing on his tennis balls, ropes, and any other fun toy he can get his mouth on. He also loves lounging around in the pool and having his lazy moments outside. He doesn’t mind other dogs, he likes to mainly focus on people and his toys. We’re sure he’d be up for playing with another furry friend!

He’s a really great guy if you have the pleasure of meeting him. With a treat in sight, he’ll effortlessly sit, lay, and fetch on command. He’s also house-trained, which is always a plus. He has a few “derpy” moments, but don’t all dogs? It just makes your time with him that much more enjoyable.

Red also likes to think that he is completely capable of walking himself. He’ll grab his leash with his mouth and leisurely walk himself outside. (Not knowing that you’re actually doing all the work. But just let him believe in himself.) He is an honestly loyal dog who just wants a home where he can chew on all the tennis balls and get all the treats.

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