I really enjoy playing outside all day, I’ll run around a lot until I’m ready for a nap. Even then, I’ll still be up for cuddles and treats! I love rope toys and I’ll be sure to keep you entertained while I throw them up in the air and catch them (most of the time).


I’ve gotta be honest…I’m not the biggest fan of other animals. I’m definitely more of a people person! I like being the center of attention to humans (I’m a girl, that’s just how it goes). I choose my furry friends wisely. I’m sure with some extra patience, training and understanding, I can get better about making friends with others!

I’ve gotten to leave HSNEGA a few times with some new humans, but somehow I end up back in my same kennel. I liked getting a new room with new people, but I guess they didn’t like it as much. I’m not sure what I did, but I promise to try better next time. Will you give me a chance to show you how great I can be? It may take some time, but I do have a whole lifetime to work on it.


I may be picky with friendships and I may be a little sassy at times, but I’m loyal and I want to love someone who will love me back. I promise to be there when you’re feeling down and to always be the first to greet you with kisses when you get home. I’m a smart girl with lots of potential and I’m just looking for a family that will be as happy to have me in their lives as I am to have them in mine.