UPDATE: Homer has found his forever home!!!

The name’s Homer. I could be named after the intelligent Greek author, or the less-than-bright dad from The Simpson’s. I assume the former, but I do like donuts. (Or any treat, for that matter).

I may or may not have a piece of my treat stuck to my whisker. Don’t judge, I’m just saving it for later.

I’m only two years old, but I think I’m pretty mature for my age. I’m more or less like your grandpa. I enjoy naps and food, not necessarily in that order. Leave me with a comfy bed, some cartoons, and a stash of treats, and I’ll be set.

Word on the street is that black cats are unlucky, but I’d say I’m far from unlucky. I’ll bring you all the luck in the world with my fuzzy, black fur, along with some sandpaper-kisses and rubs against your legs. Or arms. Or hands. Or really any body part I can get near. I promise not to bother you, only to ask for cuddles and some of those delicious tuna treats every now and then. (Or like, 8 times every hour. Nothing crazy).

Love. Cuddles. Treats.

Long story short – I’m just a sweet cat who wants some love. Can you give me that?

HSNEGA’S Adoption Center is open Tues-Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5.