Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia! We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunites available and have some of our volunteer favorites listed some below. If you would like to see a full listing, please READ FURTHER for our full volunteer opprotunity listing. Basically, if you have time and a talent, we can use you on our team! Volunteer opportunities at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia include:

Mini Adoptions

Animals are transported to various locations for adoption opportunities. The Society needs volunteers to care for the animals on location and help with the adoption paperwork. Adoptions usually last from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and shift work is available. We need volunteers who are committed to coming if scheduled.

Pet Therapy

Volunteers are needed to take animals to different nursing homes and assisted living homes in the area. The volunteers come to the shelter and pick up a puppy, and when the visit is complete they bring the puppy back. We ask that people call the nursing home to schedule a convenient time so the volunteer can inform the Volunteer Coordinator who will have a puppy ready. Puppies can be taken from the shelter between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Animal Care

Volunteers are needed to visit with the animals at the shelter. They can take the puppies for walks, give them baths, and play with them. They can play with the cats, brush them, and give them breaks from their cages. The animals are friendlier, more relaxed, and make better companions when they have consistent human contact. This volunteer job can be done by a person of any age and requires no scheduled commitment. However, it is a job that is very important in helping the animals find loving homes.

Special Events

Throughout the year, we host special fund-raisers that require volunteers. There is usually one event per month lasting a full or half day. If you sign up to be a part of these events we need you to be committed since they would not be successful without our volunteers.


Work with the shelter to broaden our outreach. Educational displays are requested year round at festivals, grand openings, and schools. Set up and take down is required, and volunteers must be knowledgeable about the Humane Society and our programs.


Adoption Counselor

Our Adoption Counselor team is one of our hardest working volunteer positions at the HSNEGA! Volunteer Adoption Counselors help us place our adoption animals into permanent, loving, and responsible forever homes. A positive attitude and customer service experience is a must for this volunteer position. Duties not only include interacting with the public, answering phones, carefully reviewing adoption applications, showing animals to potential adopters and most importantly… being a positive representative for our organization and animals. This volunteer position requires extensive training and regular schedule commitments. 


Volunteers can learn to answer phones and assist adopters with general information. Volunteers can also help with mailings, or help staff with any filing or office duties that are needed. Some training may be needed, but the commitment level is flexible.

Click HERE for a full listing the HSNEGA Volunteer Opportunities