The Anna J. Ware Fix Your Pit Fund

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) has joined with Anna J. Ware, a Georgia-based philanthropist and animal welfare advocate, to set up a special fund to offer a reduced price for spay/neuter surgeries for pit bulls and pit bulls mixes. Called “Fix Your Pit,” the program offers surgery for $30 per animal and includes the cost of a rabies vaccine if needed.

The Fix Your Pit fund is available to any pit bull/pit bull mix owner in northeast Georgia with an unaltered pet, and surgery is available on a first-come basis by appointment. HSNEGA’s Spay/Neuter Center will perform surgery on any dog 8 weeks or older who is at least 3 pounds.

Please note that Fix Your Pit is intended to assist individual, private pet owners. Rescue groups and other shelters are not eligible for the Fix Your Pit program.

Pet owners also can request additional services for their pets at the time of surgery including vaccinations, heartworm testing, and microchipping. These low-cost services are offered for additional fees; other rules for surgery also may apply. For additional information on HSNEGA's low-cost surgery services, click HERE.

Individuals interested learning more about the Fix Your Pit fund, or who are interested in making an appointment, can call HSNEGA at 770-532-6617 or complete our online spay/neuter surgery appointment form by clicking HERE.

Since the Anna J. Ware Fix Your Pit Fund began in October 2012, HSNEGA has "fixed" more than 500 pit bulls/pit bull mixes, resulting in thousands of lives saved through no more litters!

HSNEGA would like to extend our gratitude to artist Dean Russo who graciously allowed us use of his beautiful pit bull artwork for our FIX YOUR PIT promotion. To see Dean's work, please visit