Owner Requested Euthanasia

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia provides Owner Requested Euthanasia (ORE) services to the public on a limited basis as appropriate for the pet and pet owner.

To inquire about ORE, please contact HSNEGA’s Animal Care Supervisor via email at kennel@HSNEGA.org or via phone at 770-532-6617, ext. 226. The Animal Care Supervisor will determine if HSNEGA is able to assist and, if we determine we can help, schedule an appointment for you to bring in your pet. HSNEGA does require a fee for our ORE services; the Animal Care Supervisor will discuss the fee when making your appointment.

Please note that HSNEGA does not have means of disposal for euthanasia remains. Owners should be prepared to take the remains after the procedure unless they would like to make arrangements for a paid cremation through a third party vendor. HSNEGA can make recommendations for cremation services upon request.

HSNEGA also reserves the right to decline to perform euthanasia should we determine that it is truly not in an animals’ best interest.